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Audi of America, Inc. offers a full line of German-engineered luxury vehicles. The Audi Group delivered 1,575,500 vehicles globally in 2013. Through 2018, AUDI AG will invest about $30 billion on new products, facilities and technologies. Visit for more information.

What to See and Why

Last year at CES, Audi showed off an early version of an autonomous car. Since that show ended, Audi has made huge strides in that car's development, and is definitely one of the most notable things to see this time around. The car now features Google Earth integration, along with a fully connected destination search.

Audi has teased two world debuts for this year's CES that offer a glimpse into the "automotive future." Audi connect, piloted driving, user controls and displays, infotainment, lighting technology... to get a look at the future of the road today, you won't want to miss Audi's booth.