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Customers who purchase Bosch kitchen appliances and home appliances have never had to choose between groundbreaking engineering and modern design. For over 125 years, we've designed products with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Bosch is where German engineering meets flawless design.

What to See and Why

Bosch has awesome appliances for your whole home, from your kitchen to laundry room and beyond. One of Bosch's true innovations is its line of dishwashers, which have a place for everything so that everything fits in its well-designed place. The dishwashers were built so that form balanced with function. That's why they have a third rack, giving you flexibility and 30 percent more loading area ... and a home for those whisks, tongs and other odd utensils. And best of all? Bosch's dishwashers are the quietest in the United States.