Sands - 73835


Meet Zazzi! The Fashion Smart Jewelry designed exclusively for women. Zazzi syncs with your smartphone and informs you of upcoming calls, texts, messages and much more. Thanks to Zazzi, now women can wear technology with style and discretion. Visit our booth #73835 to meet Zazzi by FashionTEQ.

What to See and Why

Just about everyone makes wearables, but how many are fashion-forward? FashionTEQ's Zazzi is a wrist-worn wearable designed exclusively for women with style in mind. With the ability to change the display to fit your mood or style, Zazzi is available with silver, gold and rose gold cuffs. Zazzi syncs with your iPhone or Samsung smartphone to notify you of incoming calls, texts and more, and it lets you customze how your notifications appear by assigning custom images for your VIP call list -- or by picking an image to reflect your style on any given day. And with a 5-7 day battery life, Zazzi will keep you going far longer than many other wrist-worn wearables.