Future Robot

Future Robot

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1) Global distribution Biz 2) Robot Rental Biz - Advertisement/Exhibition/Smart Digital Signage Market 3) Robotic Total Solution - From Design, HW, SW and Contents To Production 4) Smart Home Robot Service - ICT + Robotic Service - Tele-Presence - Security

What to See and Why

Future Robot sees a world where humans and robots live together, and aims to lead the service robot industry in the 21st century. The company breaks its line of robots into four major service areas: infotainment, entertainment, payment, and edutainment.

One of the company's most interesting products is the FURO - iHome. This robot is a jack of all trades, with core functionality in the surveillance, edutainment, health care, and home automation. The FURO-i features an IP camera, offering home video access and remote video access for security. With sound and movement monitoring, the FURO-i can act as a home security unit. If it detects a trespasser, you'll get an alert on your phone to decide if you want to sound a warning siren or call 911.

The device also doubles as a way for mom or dad to get an alert to say the kids are home safe from school, or offer a way to remotely check in on them via video. The robot can even record voice messages, so you can tell your kids it's time to take their medicine or have a snack. Speaking of kids, the FURO-i also doubles as an edutainment device that offers self-directed learning, academic achievement, and educational animation.