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Misfit invents and manufactures highly wearable and ambient computing products.

What to See and Why

Many products can quantify your life, but few are as simple as the Misfit Shine. The Shine monitors your activity, lets you set and check fitness goals, and easily lets you share your results. Syncing couldn’t be easier, because the Shine doesn’t use cables – to sync the Shine, simply place it on top of your smartphone. Since the Shine can be paired with a variety of accessories, it can be worn as a watch, necklace or pin, and match any outfit.

Misfit also wants to help make sure you sleep better with its Beddit Sleep Monitor. Beddit tracks your heart rate, sleep cycles, awake times and total sleep time. Best of all, there's nothing to wear -- the Beddit is placed directly on your mattress, under your sheets. After Beddit soothes you to sleep with custom, gentle sleep sounds, you can wake up feeling refreshed with its Smart Alarm, which wakes you during a light sleep cycle. Then, through the Misfit app, you can view detailed graphs and stats to check out goals and see insights.