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Narrative is a wearable camera (the Narrative Clip) and app that works together to capture, store and organize users experiences automatically.

What to See and Why

Narrative loves life's simple moments, so it designed a camera to help make sure we never forget them. The Narrative Clip, the world's smallest wearable camera, makes it easy to capture, store and relive those special moments. The camera is small, light, and weather-resistant, and starts taking two 5MP pictures every minute from the moment you clip it on. Take it off, put it down, or slide it into your pocket, and the Clip stops capturing. If you're thinking two pictures per minute is a lot... well, you're right. But Narrative developed an iOS app that automatically puts the Clip's pictures into a timeline to make reviewing them a breeze. The Clip can hold 4,000 pictures and lasts two days on a single charge, meaning you'll be able to save all of life's simple moments forever.