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ooVoo is a video chat and messaging app with more than 100 million users from all over the world. Consistently rated in the top 20 free social apps in the App Store & Google Play, ooVoo instantly connects our mostly millennial audience with friends and family. Anytime. Anywhere.

What to See and Why

The way we network and socialize with each other is radically different than it was five years ago. From social media platforms to webcams and beyond, the internet has fundamentally changed the way we interact with the rest of humanity. No one is better at video chat than ooVoo, and its 75 million users know that to be true. ooVoo's cloud-based servers let you make the highest quality video calls from any device, and its ConnectionLock™ technology automatically adjusts for connection speed, which means you'll have fewer dropped calls. With free voice calls and free video chats, ooVoo has become a key place for people to interact with their friends and loved ones. One very cool feature: ooVoo lets you add YouTube videos to your group video calls, so you can watch the clip along with your friends, just like you're in the same room together.