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Evollve Inc is a company built around the philosophy that blends creative thinking with business disciplines to bring new ideas to market. Our focus is on introducing new ways to combine social interaction with digital apps. We started developing a line-sensing robot and our idea grew into Ozobot.

What to See and Why

The most important skill young kids can learn today is how to code. Ozobot teaches robotics and coding through fun, creative and social games. Ozobot can be programmed to move, play, and dance through intuitive color-coded patterns. Called "OzoCodes," these color patterns are each associated to specific moves that Ozobot understands and performs. Ozobot can teach kids the basics as they draw lines and color code patterns with markers on plain white paper. For deeper learning, Ozobot's free companion apps explore some of its social and competitive games. Ozobot teaches kids, educators and techies a "creative platform to learn and play" entertaining games and structured STEM-based lessons. Ozobot makes learning cool.