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Sensoria's mission is to design and develop body-sensing wearables that improve people’s lives. Our technology is comprised of textile sensors, microelectronics, and software solutions that target health and fitness scenarios. Our consumer line includes smart t-shirts, sports bras and socks.

What to See and Why

Sensoria wants you to imagine a super accurate fitness tracker that tells you how far and how fast. Now imagine a development toolkit, a t-shirt, a sport bra and a pair of smart socks that also tell you how WELL you walk, run and exercise! Sensoria's line of wearable fitness trackers are designed to improve your life. Every time you move, you're generating valuable data that Sensoria wants to analyze to produce meaningful views of your activity. One product that does just that is the Sensoria Fitness, a "fully instrumented sock" with a virtual coach, which monitors and guides you toward improving your performance and achieving your goals. The Sensoria Fitness Bra and Fitness T-Shirt can pair with Sensoria's heart rate monitor (or monitors from other companies, like Polar or Garmin), to wirelessly transmit heart rate data to your smartwatch or smartphone.