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Skulpt empowers users to better understand their bodies and achieve their fitness goals. Skulpt Aim is the first consumer device to measure fat percentage of individual body areas, as well as the muscle quality (MQ). The device syncs to an online dashboard for tracking progress and greater insight.

What to See and Why

Make sure you check out the Skulpt Aim, which measures body fat percentage and Muscle Quality (MQ). What, you ask, is Muscle Quality? It's a measurement of your muscles' strength and definition, on a scale similar to IQ. Three men who weigh 200 pounds could all look very different, and that's where the Muscle Quality rating comes into play. Skulpt says the average person has a MQ of about 100 -- and higher numbers mean better fitness. As you become leaner and stronger, your MQ rises.

Aim measures your MQ by sending a small current directly through your muscles. Its 12 sensors and multiple frequencies help ensure accurate readings. Aim can also tell you which areas are strongest, and which need improvement. Want a total body MQ rating? Measure your biceps, triceps, abs, and thighs. Skulpt says MQ is the result of your efforts -- and it's the smart way to measure your body.